Beatrice Kagondu is OWIT Nairobi 2014 Chapter Member of the Year!

Beatrice Kagondu
Beatrice Kagondu

Congratulations to Ms. Beatrice Kagondu for being declared OWIT Nairobi 2014 Chapter Member of the Year!

Beatrice is the Vice Chairperson of Membership for OWIT Nairobi​. She was recognised for spear-heading a variety of successful membership campaigns which have significantly increased the chapter’s membership and its prominence in the Nairobi business community; as well as for helping to raise an unprecedented amount of sponsorship dollars to support the chapter’s activities.

An entrepreneur herself, Beatrice is the owner and manager of Sweet Inspirations, a bakery that specializes in novelty (theme) cakes and customized designs as well as importing and selling cake decorating supplies and equipment to other bakeries in Kenya and East Africa. They also offer training in baking and cake decoration.

Beatrice was featured in the first issue of Mkazi. Check it here

Hongera! @BeatriceKagondu @OwitNairobi



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