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You are unemployed with no desire to look for a job. You HAVE to start a business because you have family obligations. You have some savings and you can get seed capital from family and friends. However you’re hesitating because you don’t know what to expect in terms of financial and legal implications. Besides, you have no idea which business is best to invest in!


  • Under pressure to start generating an income
  • Afraid of losing your investment
  • Scarred of any negative legal implications
  • Need to decide fast on which business to pursue

You are confused. You don’t know what to do.


I will help you get clarity on WHAT you really want to do and HOW to do it the right way. When you join my program you will:

  • Decide on which business you can pursue and make profits
  • Draw a roadmap on how you will pursue the opportunity
  • Conduct a market research to assess the viability of the project
  • Choose a name that will appeal to your ideal customers
  • Register your unique idea and brand
  • Define your ideal client, their biggest problem and your unique solution to solve them
  • Decide on the most efficient marketing strategy
  • Start offering your products/services to your ideal customers

How Can You Join the Program?

BizzRafiki – Start Right is a 4-week program and meetings are held weekly.

I work with a group of 10 people maximum at a time.

Give me a call on 0707621802 or send me an email at with “I want to start right” as subject, to book an appointment for a one to one meeting.

How Much Will This Cost You?

Your investment:

  • Ksh.10,000 (VAT included) payable in four weekly instalments.
  • Get a 10% discount for upfront payment.

Pay by Mpesa with Till Number 330580. Cheques are written to Arkad World Limited.

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve the success you so much deserve.


Angela Kamanzi
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