BizzRafiki – Steer Your Business

frustrated black woman

You have started a business but things don’t look as you envisioned. You don’t know how to get customers. You are juggling your business with other activities such college or another side hustle. You don’t understand why your hard work isn’t paying off. You have considered going back to employment.

You wish for a friend who understands what entrepreneurship is about, who can help you move past those hurdles and get clarity and balance.

Don’t look any further; here I am.

I have created BizzRafiki – Steer Your Business with you in mind.

This is the program you need to understand what you aren’t doing right in your venture, correct it and set a strong foundation for a long lasting enterprise.

I will help you understand why what you are doing cannot give you the results you are looking for; the real reason why you haven’t succeeded so far and how to change that; why your marketing strategy is weak and how to strengthen it and draw the roadmap that leads to success without fail.

At the end of the program you will have:

  • Reviewed yourself and what you are TRULY passionate about
  • Redefined the direction you want your business to take
  • Defined your ideal customer, their biggest problem and your unique solution to solve them
  • Drawn a roadmap on how you will pursue the venture
  • Started leveraging on all the resources available to you
  • Refined your marketing strategy
  • Started offering your products/services to your ideal customers
  • Set a foundation for solid business systems

Why should you trust me?

Because I’ve walked in your shoes. I was employed and lost my job (twice) – I started a business when I wasn’t even aware that I was in business! – wasn’t happy with the income I was getting – read lots of books – listened to loads of tapes – watched hours of videos – started another business – prayed a great deal… then I hired a mentor and things started to change.

Through my 15-year experience in business I’ve interacted with successful business people, coaches and mentors; particularly in my capacity as Publisher and Founding Editor of Mkazi, the magazine for The Enterprising African Woman, and Founder of Top Achievers Network, I have a lot of tips and advices to share with a budding entrepreneur like you as you take your first steps in business.

How Much Is Your Investment?

BizzRafiki – Steer Your Business is a 6-week program and meetings are held weekly. To find out when the next season is starting and/or book your space, call/sms 0720823899; WhatsApp 0733763831 or send me an email at with “I want to steer my business”.

Your investment:

  • Ksh.30,000 (VAT included).
  • Get 10% discount for upfront full payment or book your space with Ksh.3,000 down payment only.
  • Get additional discounts for referring friends.

Pay by Mpesa with Till Number 330580. Cheques are written to Arkad World Limited.