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BizzRafiki – Steer Your Business

You have started a business but things don’t look as you envisioned. You don’t know how to get customers. You are juggling your business with other activities such college or another side hustle. You don’t understand why your hard work isn’t paying off. You have considered going back to employment.

You wish for a friend who understands what entrepreneurship is about, who can help you move past those hurdles and get clarity and balance.

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BizzRafiki – One2One Exclusive

connectedwomenofinfluencedotcomYou need advice on how to solve a problem in your business and you prefer one-to-one sessions instead of group meetings.

BizzRafiki – One2One Exclusive is a 4-week program and meetings are held weekly. I work with one entrepreneur at a time.

Your investment:

  • Ksh.25,000 (VAT inclusive) payable in four weekly instalments.
  • Pay the full amount upfront and get a 10% discount.

Call/tex me on 0707621802 or send me an email at with subject ‘I need your advice’ and I will be happy to assist you.

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