3 Areas of Your Business You Need to Evaluate

How time flies! Half of 2017 is already gone. This is a good time to take a break and evaluate your progress in business. Are you on track based on the goals you set early this year? If so, congratulations! Forge ahead. Otherwise are you feeling as if you are going round in circles without achieving much? Don’t throw in …

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Pricing Hurdles and How to Jump Them

Early this year when I asked entrepreneurs which hurdle they badly need to overcome this year to move their business forward, pricing came top of the list. I can relate to this challenge. When I launched Mkazi Bizz Events magazine last year in February, I had no idea how I would draw the rate card! I wanted to calculate the …

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Select a Painful Consequence to Achieve Your Goal

Tired woman after gym session.

Which goal did you set in January that you are still struggling to achieve? I don’t know why you are falling off track, but here’s how you can improve things. I recently heard of a woman who tried and failed to lose weight for 13 years. Then she was advised to write a cheque to an organisation she loathed and …

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Plan for Your Happy Retirement Today

The Muorias at their home.

A few months ago I attended a Staff Day organized by a corporate to expose their staff to the opportunities at their disposal so that they can prepare for retirement. Invited were a number of companies in the real estate, banking and insurance industries mostly; with one vendor after another taking the stage to extol the values and virtues of …

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How to Manage Your Business’ Cash Flow

woman stares at her empty purse

Good cash flow management is important to ensure there’s enough cash on hand to cover expenses, benefit from opportunities and grow your enterprise. Here are a few tips on how to improve your cash flow and assure that your business venture has what it needs to achieve its goals. You need a positive cash flow. We talk of positive cash …

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Stop Chasing Investors and Start Looking for Customers

We recently conducted a survey on the biggest challenges start-ups encounter and how raise capital came in the top three. With the internet awash with tips on how to attract investors, manage their expectations and get through to the next round of funding, it’s easy for new entrants in the field of entrepreneurship to get distracted from the one and …

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How Your AGPO Certified Company Can Win a Tender

Participants at a past Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations (FEWA) training on AGPO.

“How come my company was prequalified by five government parastatals but we never got a quote?” asked Irene Mumo, CEO of Trueways during a KEPSA breakfast meeting with government parastatals on ‘Preferential Government Procurement Quota’ reserved for women that took place on 8 December 2015 in Nairobi. The event was graced by Cabinet Secretary Nominee, Public Service, Youth and Gender …

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How to Craft a Winning Strategy for 2016

hand drawing idea board of business strategy process

Happy New Year! 2015 may have been fulfilling to some people and frustrating to others, 2016 is here and it’s only upon me and you to make it the most successful year ever. One of the goals that fell through for me last year was a get together with members of my most successful WhatsApp group. Samson Macharia, the Lead …

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Where Would You Be If You Weren’t Working Where You Are Now?

Woman applauded after a presentation

“Where Would You Be If You Weren’t Working Where You Are Now?” When Terryanne Chebet asked this question to a panel of entrepreneurs during a recent Great Talks event, it turned out that the answers were largely going to be political. I mean, who among the celebrated entrepreneurs would say that they would rather work elsewhere than for the company they …

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What’s The Worst Advice you’ve Ever Received?

business advice

“What’s the Worst Advice you’ve ever received as an entrepreneur?” asked media personality Terryanne Chebet to six amazing entrepreneurs during the second edition of Great Talks, a conversation on all things wealth creation and wealth preservation sponsored by Old Mutual Kenya that she was moderating. The event took place in Nairobi on Saturday 7th November 2015. The seasoned entrepreneurs included Vusi …

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