For the Love of Mother (Part III)

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Most sided with Mama Kwito and tore the couple to pieces, accusing mum of bewitching Kwitonda. I was taken aback. I knew Mama Kwito was deeply annoyed, but I wasn’t expecting her to post anything on social media. A former girlfriend of Kwitonda created a Facebook group dubbed “Kwito’s Girls to the Rescue”. Within days, the group’s membership attained hundreds …

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For The Love of Mother (Part II)

Icyimanimpaye was a name their own mother, who had eight daughters, wished she had given to a son she never had. My grandmother lifted me and said “Cyimana, my first grandson, welcome, welcome sweetheart. Grow up, go to school and take up responsibilities!” Running Nyiraneza’s shop, my mum became very good at meeting customers’ needs and her input improved revenues …

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For The Love Of Mother (Part I)

“All will go well,” Kwitonda kept saying more to himself than to my mum and me to mask his nervousness, as we drove to his mother’s place. Mahirwe, my mother, was quiet and anxious too. Uwituze, Kwitonda’s mother, welcomed us enthusiastically. She lived alone in Lavington, a luxurious suburb in Nairobi. It had been almost two years since Kwitonda moved …

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Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Maina Kageni on Property

I was recently listening to Classic 105 and Maina Kageni was advertising properties for sale in Race Course, off Ngong Road, Nairobi. The mortgage monthly repayment was Ksh.65,000 while the prospective rent income was Ksh.44,000 per month. Maina Kageni can be forgiven for urging people to buy a loss making property since he was reading an advertisement as part of …

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My Belated Christmas Wish to Governor Evans Kidero

Happy New Year friends. I have a belated Christmas wish and since Santa Claus has returned home in the North Pole, I’ll direct it to Governor Evans Kidero, with the hope that it will be included in Nairobi City County’s Road Construction and Repairs Goals for 2015. Five days before Christmas I injured my leg by falling into an open …

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How Fools Make Children

In 2001 when I embarked on the freelance writing journey, I enrolled for the Creative Writing course from The Writers Bureau. I was enthusiastic and determined to complete the course in no time. Life doesn’t always goes as planned and today, 13 years later I’m five modules short of completion. As I embark on the last leg of this journey …

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