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    You have started a business but things don’t look as you envisioned. You don’t know how to get customers. You are juggling your business with other activities such college or another side hustle…

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7 Tips for Making a Successful Phone Call

Portrait of a woman talking on a landline phone

When I got into network marketing a few years ago, we used to get weekly training on sales and marketing. One of the exercises we often did was to make cold phone calls. For many new entrepreneurs, making a phone call is so hard. Where do you start from? Who do you call? What do you tell them? What if …

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How to Identify and Create Many Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue Streams

  The idea of creating many revenue streams used to overwhelm me. Just the idea! I mean, I was already struggling to get one business off the ground and someone talks of setting up multiple businesses? Imagine! I’ve since realised that the concept isn’t that complicated. It’s just about looking at ways of making money from various aspects of your …

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How to Make Your Products or Services Available to Customers


When the Sacco of which Mary was a member purchased plots for its adherents, Mary approached individually the ones who had no immediate plans of building or selling; and convinced them to lease their plots to her. Some of her friends had ventured successfully into agribusiness and she wanted to try her luck too. After struggling to sell her products …

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3 Areas of Your Business You Need to Evaluate

How time flies! Half of 2017 is already gone. This is a good time to take a break and evaluate your progress in business. Are you on track based on the goals you set early this year? If so, congratulations! Forge ahead. Otherwise are you feeling as if you are going round in circles without achieving much? Don’t throw in …

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Pricing Hurdles and How to Jump Them

Early this year when I asked entrepreneurs which hurdle they badly need to overcome this year to move their business forward, pricing came top of the list. I can relate to this challenge. When I launched Mkazi Bizz Events magazine last year in February, I had no idea how I would draw the rate card! I wanted to calculate the …

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Select a Painful Consequence to Achieve Your Goal

Tired woman after gym session.

Which goal did you set in January that you are still struggling to achieve? I don’t know why you are falling off track, but here’s how you can improve things. I recently heard of a woman who tried and failed to lose weight for 13 years. Then she was advised to write a cheque to an organisation she loathed and …

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