Meet Angela

Jambo friend;

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Angela Kamanzi and I am the publisher of Mkazi-The Enterprising African woman; a digital magazine that helps African women get a clear understanding of who they are, find their life purpose and achieve financial freedom. The word ‘African’ here refers to citizenship, not skin colour.

In some Bantu languages mkazi means woman and kazi is a root for words meaning work, female or feminine. Therefore Mkazi is the woman who loves work, the woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, and who upholds strong values and work ethics.

I have nurtured the idea of a magazine for African women entrepreneurs for the last few years, convinced that I needed to achieve some level of success first to qualify as a trusted advisor and provider of business solutions. However the more advice, tips and tools I acquired, the more questions rose in my mind. One day it hit me that I should just dive into the venture with all my questions and share the journey with fellow African women entrepreneurs.

For more than ten years I contributed to a number of local and international publications as a freelance writer. I have twelve years of experience in entrepreneurship and live in Nairobi with my husband and our two sons.

This blog is about this journey of self-discovery, going back to my roots and re-learning to just be myself, follow my heart and in the process attract what I’ve always wished for: more financial freedom for the African woman, a brighter future for our beloved continent and a successful life as a result.

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