Five Important Things Entrepreneurs Overlook in the Early Stages of Their Business

Co-Workers in Business Meeting

If you are like the kawaida (common) entrepreneur, when starting your business your main focus was to sell your products or services and get money. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t forget what you are working at: creating a strong business that will outlive you. If your intention is to build an empire (which I hope …

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Do You Love Your Product Or Your Clients?

I love my products

A few weeks ago I got a call from Rose (not real name). She had retired from employment and used her retirement package to set up a small manufacturing plant for a product she was convinced would be useful for a particular section of the market. She had done research and found out that her potential clients needed such a …

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Your Ideas Won’t Excite Them

Little ballerina

But Forge Ahead “I lack support and encouragement from those who surround me. I left employment to pursue my dream, but everyone is against me,” wrote a reader of Mkazi magazine. This challenge is shared by a good number of entrepreneurs, so much so that having your family and friends’ support while starting a business is more an exception than …

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Utilise your power hours

Do you want to achieve extraordinary results? Then organise yourself like a Super Achiever. Utilise your power hours. Power hours are defined by Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success magazine, as when you are most mentally energised, able to focus, concentrate and stay in a rhythm. For instance I’m at my best for creative activities at night. For exercising early morning or early evening …

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Why a Big Dream Isn’t Enough

Ory Okolo

“You have an idea for a new business. You are sooo excited that you start telling your friends and family about it (mistake). You are confident this product solves a big problem in the market (mistake). You make a vision board and start drafting your business plan (mistake). You recruit some family members and an enthusiastic friend to work with …

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For the Love of Mother (Part III)

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Most sided with Mama Kwito and tore the couple to pieces, accusing mum of bewitching Kwitonda. I was taken aback. I knew Mama Kwito was deeply annoyed, but I wasn’t expecting her to post anything on social media. A former girlfriend of Kwitonda created a Facebook group dubbed “Kwito’s Girls to the Rescue”. Within days, the group’s membership attained hundreds …

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Developping Africa One Woman at a Time

Akirachix co founder Judith Owigar with President Obama during the GES2015 in Nairobi.

I trust you are now firmly back into business after #ObamaHoliday. When Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, Senior Economic Advisor, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative, enumerated the following facts (and some more) during the SPARC Advocacy forum in the run up to the #GES2015, she brought into sharp focus the necessity of educating the African woman. The face of poverty in Africa …

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For The Love of Mother (Part II)

Icyimanimpaye was a name their own mother, who had eight daughters, wished she had given to a son she never had. My grandmother lifted me and said “Cyimana, my first grandson, welcome, welcome sweetheart. Grow up, go to school and take up responsibilities!” Running Nyiraneza’s shop, my mum became very good at meeting customers’ needs and her input improved revenues …

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Never Forget to do This After a Sale

A matatu crew is one fascinating sales team. They go out of their way to acquire customers; from inviting, cajoling and sweet talking to pulling, pushing, racing to the next bus stage, sometimes coming to blows. Yet after the commuter has boarded their bus, they don’t care whether she is comfortably seated, they play loud music whether she likes it …

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The 5 Top Killers of Sales

You’ve been working very hard at selling your products or services without saying much results. I’d like to share with you what sales guru Todd Duncan considers as the five to killers of sales, and how to avoid them. Pausing: trying to sell instead of training to sell. To overcome this, train to be really good at selling. Spend 30 …

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