Women Scoop Six Out of 17 Kenyan Blog Awards 2014

Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia

Women-preneurs are making their presence felt on the Kenyan blogosphere. During the just concluded Kenyan Blog Awards 2014, women or teams of women and men won 6 out of the 17 categories. However, since I was told that talking to people would ensure success for my business, I started doing it; with a big knot in the stomach.Women completely dominated the fashion category and were well represented in the health, travel, topical and new categories; but were poorly represented in the business, politics, food and environmental/agricultural categories. We need to see women bloggers emerge in these categories, as well as in the remaining ones where they were totally absent, i.e. technology, photography, creative writing, sports and entertainment.

Here’s the list of the winners and nominees that we identified based on information provided on their blogs.

Nancie Mwai bravo for getting two nominations!

Rachael of Safari254, I wish you had provided your full names so that I can retrieve a picture of you!


Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog: Sharon Mundia, http://www.thisisess.com/Maryanne Waweru-Wanyama

Best Politics Blog: Brenda Wambui and Michael Onsando, http://www.brainstorm.co.ke

Best New Blog: Wendy Wahito, http://wendywahito.com/

Maryanne Waweru-Wanyama
Maryanne Waweru-Wanyama

Best Topical Blog: Maryanne Waweru-Wanyama, http://mummytales.com/

Best Travel Blog: Rachael, http://www.safari254.com

Best Health Blog: Dr. Wambui Waithaka, http://www.wambuiwaithaka.com


Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog:

Emmie Kio, Tracking the Agricultural Scent, http://emmiekio.blogspot.com/p/about.html
Nyambura Maina, Young Champions in Agribusiness,http://youngagrochampions.blogspot.com/

Best Fashion/Beauty/Hair/Style Blog:

Joy Kendi, Our Style Kenya, http://ourstylekenya.com/
Lucie Musau, The Kenyan Fashionado, http://luciamusau.com/
Nancie Mwai, Fashion Notebook, http://nanciemwai.com/http://nanciemwai.com/
Nyachomba and Mary, Kurly Kichana, http://www.kurlykichana.com

Best Food Blog:

Brenda Wambui
Brenda Wambui

Gatuiri Mwangi, Leo Tunapika? http://leotunapika.wordpress.com/about/

Best Health Blog:Brenda Wambui

Eddah Kanini, http://strengtheninghealthsystems.wordpress.com
Sitawa Wafula, http://sitawa.blogspot.com/

Best New Blog:

mummy92, Confessions of a Young Mummy, http://confessionsofayoungmummy.wordpress.com
DJ Shock Africa, Thandiwe Muiru and Emmanuel Jambo, http://www.tdsblog.com

Best Topical Blog:

Linet Kwamboka & team, http://datascience.co.ke
Liz Lenjo Entertainment & IP Law; http://www.lizlenjo.com

Best Travel Blog:

Hazel Vint, http://hazelvint.com
Best Kenyan Blog of the Year:

Nancie Mwai, Fashion Notebook, http://nanciemwai.com/http://nanciemwai.com/

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