Select a Painful Consequence to Achieve Your Goal

Tired woman after a gym sessionWhich goal did you set in January that you are still struggling to achieve? I don’t know why you are falling off track, but here’s how you can improve things.

I recently heard of a woman who tried and failed to lose weight for 13 years. Then she was advised to write a cheque to an organisation she loathed and give it to a friend with instructions to post it to that entity should she fail again. She did that and guess what? Every time she felt like indulging with a doughnut or not going to the gym, the thought of her money going to an organisation she hated would jolt her back on track. Within the stipulated time, she had lost the weight.

Our mind responds more strongly to pain than pleasure. Therefore select yourself a painful consequence, a punishment if you may, to boost your changes of reaching your goal. Personally I have a problem of staying consistent to my fitness program. I perform a set of exercises three times a week and should I fail, my painful consequence is taking a cold shower. Just the thought of it jolts me out of bed and pushes me to go through the routine whether I feel like it or not.

Having someone to hold you accountable also boosts your chances of success.

What technique do you use to keep yourself going and to remain consistent towards achieving your goal? Please share with me in the comments below.


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