Start-up Tips

7 Tips for Making a Successful Phone Call

Portrait of a woman talking on a landline phone

When I got into network marketing a few years ago, we used to get weekly training on sales and marketing. One of the exercises we often did was to make cold phone calls. For many new entrepreneurs, making a phone call is so hard. Where do you start from? Who do you call? What do you tell them? What if …

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How to Identify and Create Many Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue Streams

  The idea of creating many revenue streams used to overwhelm me. Just the idea! I mean, I was already struggling to get one business off the ground and someone talks of setting up multiple businesses? Imagine! I’ve since realised that the concept isn’t that complicated. It’s just about looking at ways of making money from various aspects of your …

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How to Make Your Products or Services Available to Customers


When the Sacco of which Mary was a member purchased plots for its adherents, Mary approached individually the ones who had no immediate plans of building or selling; and convinced them to lease their plots to her. Some of her friends had ventured successfully into agribusiness and she wanted to try her luck too. After struggling to sell her products …

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Are You a Shy Entrepreneur?

They have fire in the belly and the courage to go after their dreams and fight hard to achieve them. Yet a good number of the entrepreneurs I come across, the ones whose businesses are in the initial stages, are a shy lot! They believe that they can start and grow their ventures successfully without ever taking the front seat …

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What to Do When Your DM Reports You to Labour

The Maid

Recently I got a call from Bertha* who had recently released her DM (domestic manager) Faith*. In actual facts Faith had resigned since she left employment without notice, and when Bertha called her Faith pretended that her mother was sick. Now Faith had reported Bertha to KUDHEIHA, accusing her of underpaying her and overworking her for 3 years. True to …

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Points to Ponder Before You Start Your Business (3)

Young creative women brainstorming together in creative office

This week we are looking at the last 3 points to ponder before starting your business, as taught by Start Up Cup. Follow these links for the first and second instalments of this series. What do you need to do now? Here’s where you decide on the actions and steps you need to take, to turn your idea into a …

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Points to Ponder Before You Start Your Business (2)

Participant at a past WeCreate Kenya training.

Last week we started exploring Start Up Cup’s nine points to ponder before starting your business. If you missed out you can find the first three points here. Today let’s look at the next three points. How will you get the word out? Your idea will need to be promoted so that you can reach your target audience. How are you planning …

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Points to Ponder Before You Start Your Business (1)

A participant at a WeCreate Kenya workshop

You most probably started the New Year with new resolutions. And since you’ve been dying to start your own business, either as a side hustle or going in it full throttle, starting The Business is definitely listed as a priority on your list of goals. In this issue and the next two, I’ll be sharing with you the points to …

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Do You Love Your Product Or Your Clients?

I love my products

A few weeks ago I got a call from Rose (not real name). She had retired from employment and used her retirement package to set up a small manufacturing plant for a product she was convinced would be useful for a particular section of the market. She had done research and found out that her potential clients needed such a …

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Never Forget to do This After a Sale

A matatu crew is one fascinating sales team. They go out of their way to acquire customers; from inviting, cajoling and sweet talking to pulling, pushing, racing to the next bus stage, sometimes coming to blows. Yet after the commuter has boarded their bus, they don’t care whether she is comfortably seated, they play loud music whether she likes it …

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