Jemima Mwafuga
Jemima Mwafuga, Perfume Consultant and Author

Angela Kamanzi was someone I connected with from day one after meeting at a business networking event. A few minutes later we got to exchange contacts. She later gave a talk two Saturdays after and then offered the mentorship programme. I felt that it was rather a fair fee to pay for the programme. Upon looking at her story of how she got to where she is now I said to myself that I should grab this opportunity.

So I enrolled with her mentorship program and got to sit under her tutoring. What I liked about her was her open heartedness and inviting personality. She had this French polished mannerism that I found appealing somewhat and she does a good job in patiently guiding you through as she mentors you.

Unlike others where you sense that you are a cash-cow to be milked, with her you can sense that it’s her passion to see others learn and grow from her. Each session I would come out with ideas to think and work on. They were practical to do and hence I achieved much. For example, I went from selling one or two bottles of perfume a month to selling five in a week something that made me very excited about sales in network marketing. I opened a blog and started honing in on my hobby which is selling and writing articles about perfumes.

Thank you Angela for the eye-opening and mind stimulating conversations we had. I will recommend you to others.

Jemima Mwafuga

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